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Earth Day is a worldwide celebration, which is held on April 22 to express support for environmental protection around the world. It was started by US Senator Gerald Nelson in 1970 as an environmental education objective. After that, it is celebrated every year in more than 192 countries today. This date symbolizes the spring in the northern hemisphere and the autumn season in the southern hemisphere. In the United Nations, Earth Day is celebrated every year on the special occasion of March, # The time of the year when day and night are equal # It is celebrated on that occasion, often around March 20, it is a good tradition that starts in social Worker was done by John McConnell.

worldwide earth day 2020 theme is saved the environment

The importance of Earth Day is important in today's time because, on this day, we get to know about global warming through environmental experts about the adverse effects on the environment. Earth Day creates awareness of responsibility about saving the earth's natural wealth for life and keeping the environment right. Population growth in the world has put a lot of burden on natural resources, programs and events like Earth Day have increased in importance for the correct and balanced use of nature's resources on earth.

Worldwide Earth Day Celebrations Story.

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to take action to protect the planet. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, and since then, it has become a global event with millions of people participating in various activities to promote environmental sustainability.

On Earth Day 2022, people around the world came together to celebrate the planet and advocate for its protection. From large-scale events to small community gatherings, people of all ages and backgrounds joined in the festivities.

In New York City, thousands of people gathered in Central Park for a day of environmental activities and performances. Local organizations set up booths to share information about their efforts to promote sustainability, and children participated in workshops and games to learn about conservation and recycling.

In Paris, France, the iconic Eiffel Tower was lit up in green to mark the occasion. A group of environmental activists organized a bicycle tour of the city to raise awareness about the impact of transportation on the planet, and a community clean-up event was held along the banks of the Seine River.

In Sydney, Australia, a group of surfers organized a beach clean-up and educational event to promote ocean conservation. Participants learned about the harmful effects of plastic pollution on marine life and took part in a symbolic trash pickup to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment.

Meanwhile, in rural areas around the world, small communities organized their own Earth Day celebrations. Farmers in India planted trees and distributed seedlings to promote reforestation, while in Africa, community members came together to build solar panels and promote renewable energy.

All around the globe, people celebrated Earth Day in their own unique ways, but with a common goal: to protect our planet for future generations. From large-scale events to small community gatherings, the day was a reminder of our shared responsibility to care for the Earth and preserve it for generations to come.

international earth day 2020 is very special for us

Today, due to global neglect of people due to the neglect of nature, there are dangerous changes in the weather due to global warming, which increases the chances of threatening human civilization, programs like Earth Day remind us that the environment on Earth Conservation of the resources of the country is also very important for the coming generations, people all over the world should join it. Now, one reason for the declining health of human beings is environmental pollution too. Today, we should take this decision and think that we should make information available to all people and motivate people to look into problems like environmental pollution. And to use more and more natural resources in a balanced manner, planting trees on the earth to conserve water can reduce air pollution. The control to such, and subject to less noise pollution they will pay attention to us come to this Earth Day All decisions we


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