You also get a cut-cut like sound from bones. Home remedies for bone problems

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Home remedies for bone problems

Home remedies for bone problems- u.s.a.

* Have you ever heard the sound of sudden cut-cut of bones of knees, hip and elbow from walking, getting up and sitting? Are these symptoms of any serious bone disease? Many people feel that this type of sound means that the bones have become weak. Many times people understand this joint related disease.

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* We are telling you what is the meaning of such a sound coming in the bones and what are its disadvantages. This is why the voice coming from joints is called crepitus in medical language. Crepitus is the medical name for the sound that occurs when people move their joints. This is because small air bubbles erupt in the fluid inside the joints. These bubbles erupt causing this sound. Sometimes the sound is also heard from the rubbing of tendons or ligaments of the muscles outside the joints.

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Home remedies for bone problems- u.s.a.

*Signs of Osteoarthritis Do not be afraid of the sound coming in the bones of children, there is no problem if a child or adolescent is having a sound of cuts from the bones and is not experiencing any pain or discomfort in his bones. . This does not mean that the child's bones are weak or his body is deficient in calcium. The sound of cuts from the bones means that there is more air in its bones. Because of this, air bubbles are formed in the joints of bones. And break. Due to which the sound of cut-off comes from bones *

 * Get rid of fenugreek from the sound of bones. If you often have this problem, as we said, it can be a sign of arthritis or lack of lubricant in the joints of bones. Therefore, it is very important to get timely relief from it. For this, you can try many home remedies. To get rid of this problem, soak half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water at night and chew the fenugreek seeds in the morning. After that drink water. This can eliminate the problem of air bubbles between bones.

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* Treatment of bone related problems by milk, jaggery and gram- Voice may sometimes indicate a lack of lubricant in the joints of bones. It is often seen that the bones of older people come from the bones and there is pain. To get rid of it and to get calcium, take turmeric milk. Apart from this, eat jaggery and roasted gram once a day. This will remove weakness of bones.

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