George Floyd The reason for George Floyd death and what changed after George Floyd death in America

  The case of George Floyd death is worth considering

  The case of George Floyd death is worth considering

America is considered the most developed country in the whole world. But even after developing America, it is not able to get rid of the problem of racial discrimination. An example is this. During Trump's rule, after the death of Joan Floyd, fierce anger was seen among the black people. Black people raised deep and serious objections to this incident. For the past several years, such incidents have been happening in America. When black people were killed in a police encounter. Anger among Black Americans continued to escalate due to repeated incidents. And this anger also reached the White House. Due to which President Trump had to go to the bunker.
Floyd was a person of African American origin. When George Floyd was caught. Then a white policeman pressed his neck with his knee. Due to this, we could not breathe properly. For this, he also told that police officer about it. But he died in this encounter. However, after this incident, those 4 police officers were dismissed from their jobs. And investigation was started on them. But despite this, black people were angry for a long time due to such incidents. And this anger was seen in many states in America.
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