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Who is George Floyd - Top Update

In the time of Corona virus in America, people have been violently protested at the place, much agitated on the death of George Floyd. People are looting in the shops. After a long time such violent and chaotic movement has been seen.

* A few days before the violent movement. A white police officer pressed George with his knees while arresting George. Due to which he died. After this, there was terrible outrage among the people and it spread as a violent movement throughout America.

* Earlier in 1992, Rodney King's performance saw such a situation and crowd. In this terrible situation, America is facing double problem i.e. internal unrest and corona epidemic.

* Violent protest situation in Minneapolis - Movement of protesters around area of ​​this province is at peak, crowd is seen more active here due to which the situation is becoming uncontrollable day by day.

* People are setting vehicles on fire during a demonstration during George Floyd in America. This includes expensive vehicles and other vehicles. Along with this, buildings were also set on fire in many places. Such a scene of sabotage and looting is nothing short of a terrible situation.

Apartheid cases and movements in America

There is resentment over apartheid with the death of George Floyd, which has been going on in America for a long time. Apartheid has ended many lives in America. Many black people have been persecuted, facing inequality daily. Because of which this movement of apartheid is very important in the life of Black people.

* African American Black people were attacked many times. They were exploited, many times they have also faced severe social inequalities. So that the depths of anger in the minds of Black people went on increasing.

* America, called the world's superpower and leader, has not yet been able to get rid of this serious internal problem.

* What was the case of George Floyd. And what was the crime of George Floyd. - George was a 47 year old Black American citizen. Who was accused That he committed the crime of carrying a 20-dollar counterfeit note for which he was arrested.

* Police employee names and information in Floyd case - When George Floyd was arrested. Then this incident was being recorded in CCTV camera. Which can be seen in That the policeman has pressed George's neck with his knee. Due to which he was in terrible pain. And struggling with this unbearable pain, George requested help. He says that he is having trouble breathing. But no one helps George. The other three policemen standing nearby are watching all this quietly. And on seeing it, he dies.

The only news about the policeman convicted in the Floyd case is that the officer who pressed George with his knee is named Derek Chauvin. Which has been charged with third degree murder. And he has been dismissed from his job. Those other fellow policemen have just been sacked. That means, there will be a full investigation into the matter. And through judicial process in the court, the faults will be decided and punishments will be given. For which we have to wait for now.

* Movement of George Floyd case in the US

The most violent place in the province. Significantly, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, and many other areas have been affected by this, but horrifically the movement has spread to places around Minneapolis, affecting the lives of ordinary people in the United States. A state of chaos has formed.

Because of this situation, even a person like President Trump has to go to the bunker for protection.


* In this situation, USA is internally burning in the fire of fierce chaos. Usa did not learn from the history of apartheid events and movements only then apartheid remains a significant problem in America. And many such cases and incidents of history Huh. Which proves that black people have been tortured in america. US government keeping in mind America's future

Appropriate justice should be provided to make quick decisions and pacify the people.

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