Our Donation What is The Importance of Society

John trader

 What do we benefit from donating ourselves!

 Our thoughts, our thoughts have a great influence in our lives! Today, in this modern world, in the hustle and bustle of life and many worries, social responsibilities are confined to the family only!  And thinking about things like charity, we turn our backs on it, trying to ignore or get rid of it!

 But sometimes you just stop there when that time comes!  To donate something to someone, you try to talk to those people, listen to their problems, and try giving them some help!  You will feel good about yourself after that moment! You will have a different feeling! Negative feelings and inferiority complexes will start to disappear from your mind!  You will feel the power of goodness and spiritual purity within you!  What a wonderful spiritual feeling it is to help someone!  You will realize this only by donating!

 Why is donation necessary?

 To understand why charity is necessary, you must note that in social cultures, charity has a special significance!  And always, every generation of our people have donated at some point in their life!  By this you people in social systems are suffering due to lack of necessities!  By helping them you can realize the vision of a good society!

 Because if you are worth giving something to someone!  So it's because you have got something in these social systems!  Which you have become worthy of giving something to someone by raising your hand!  That's why those who are helpless, who can get solutions from problems in life with your help! You can fulfill your duty by donating something for them!

 If there is so much money in our life, that all our social needs are being met, then we do not need that money which you do not need or if you give that amount to someone, then you do not care, and it brings happiness in someone's life.  So you should donate that money or item!  Because that's the only way to use it!

 Mainly charity is also necessary because if you will do something good for the society, then people in the social systems will learn to help each other in the society by getting inspired by it and by this we will be able to do good to those people of the society who get the amount of your donation.  I will never forget your favor in my life.

 To whom to donate?

 You will know that only one can understand the importance of charity!  You cannot do good to anyone by donating to someone who needs it, just as someone who does not need charity! But whoever is asking you for charity, you must donate it to the one who needs it, for this we will discuss.  Will do on an example - like nowadays there are many medicines in the field of health, which people are unable to buy, due to lack of economics, such people need help in the right way, the life of a sick person can be saved, so to save it  You can give something!  To lift a person out of poverty, for the children who are deprived of education in the society,

 To solve the problems of a community and people, there are so many touching topics! In which giving charity is everyone's moral responsibility!

 I hope you agree with today's thoughts! If you have any opinion on this topic, then please do share your opinion in the comment section and share it with people!

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