What is The 1 Best Benefit of Donation

John trader

donation increases the positive power in our thinking

 To give donation, people do things according to their own behavior in many ways! But better results in actions and in lifestyle are necessary! You cannot take any medicine for positive energy and spiritual satisfaction in yourself! Because it all depends  Yes, on your thinking - but why is it that in human behavior we try to solve every problem according to our stubbornness and belief!

 What is donation, and its true meaning!

 People see donation as just such an act!  Like showing your nobility by showing mercy to someone, but can you understand that by looking at its full importance!

 As if :-
 First position for donate-

 When you have seen someone or someone came to you for charity, your first reaction of most people would be, is this person right!  And will he be able to use your donation properly for social interest,

 Second status for donate-

 If someone comes to you asking for donation, how will be your reaction! You will ignore him, get angry at him, you will call him bad, you will get bad mood and you will feel bad!

 Now if we analyze the effect of behavior in both of these above situations, you will find that due to negativity in your mindset and thinking, the results of your other actions will also be affected!  Like you are going to a meeting, and you have gone through both of these or similar situations, where someone asked you for help for charity and you did not, then your spiritual faith and spiritual power will not be able to function properly  !  That is, from this you can understand that you have taken the right decision according to yourself in that situation, but you have made a mistake by not donating for the social benefit and your own spiritual development.

 Increase in spiritual power with the positive effect of donation

 To understand charity and its effect in detail, now we will discuss what is the effect of donating!  If someone in this universe asks you for help, and you bring a feeling of kindness and help towards him, considering yourself capable of helping him, you ask him how you can help him, and then you  Help them in whatever way possible!

 Now from this act of yours, the first feeling which came to your mind for mercy help, in that you have eliminated all your mental impurities, if you have scolded someone, for some reason you are disappointed and disturbed, have behaved badly towards someone,  So it increases the negativity inside you in your thinking!  Makes you restless and destabilizes your self-power! So that you are not able to utilize the full energy in your work, which results can be obtained if you concentrate in any work!  You can't even imagine them

So when your mind generates a true sense of kindness and charity towards someone's situation, misery or need!  So it must be beneficial for him!  whom you are helping!  But it also develops your abilities! Just like when someone asked you for help for your situation and need and you gave it to him, then all this process may take less time, but the effect of this most generated is yours.  Thinking and positive power have many benefits!  After this moment you will gather more focus! You will have a super natural feeling inside!

 Your mind and the power of the universe will energize your soul, you will see that the feeling of goodness emanating from that time or that situation, as long as it stays within you, you will achieve success in the work done in that time, even if its result is at that very moment  Or after some time, but only then this effect can be possible!  When you are doing such an act out of cunning, out of pretense and out of nobility!

 I hope that I have been able to convey my point to you! If you have any opinion of your own, please let me know in the comment section!

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