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 After the latest terrorist blasts in Kabul, Afghanistan, there is a discussion about this incident all over the worlds, more than 100 people have died in this blast, 13 American soldiers have also died in the blast in Kabul,  After the death of American soldiers in this suicide attack, voices have started rising against President Joe Biden in America!

 President Joe Biden has condemned this attack, and said that whoever is responsible for this suicide attack that killed America's soldiers, we will find them from any corner of the world and punish them for their actions.  Millie, we will eliminate them, however, after this incident, as a mark of mourning, America has decided to keep its White House flag low till August 30!

 The last deadline  to leave Afghanistan is August 30!

 This fidayeen attack in Kabul remains a topic of discussion in the international community for the time being, the citizens of many people of the world are still trapped in Afghanistan, the same has been decided by NATO, that all the countries of the world are all their citizens.  Get them out of Afghanistan by August 30.  It seems difficult for all the countries to do so in such a short deadline, but still all the countries are engaged in their efforts,

 Taliban militants and ISIS terrorists belong to the Haqqani Group, a terrorist group to which both of these terrorist groups are affiliated, it is believed that this group leads these two terrorist groups, this is the guideline to them.  offers!  In the name of Islam and religion, these people do panic business all over the world!

 The fidayeen attack in Kabul is a warning to the worlds, that in the coming times, Taliban terrorists will patronize such terrorist attacks around the worlds, today Taliban is pretending to be liberal in front of the whole international community, it is trying to describe itself as modern and public welfare.  Because until he takes over the entire network of Afghanistan, he does not want to openly do any such act and statement in front of the international platform, but tomorrow these people are their true colors after being rooted in Afghanistan.  Will start showing, although there is a difference of day and night in the words and deeds of these people, but whoever is believing in them today, whoever is ignoring them today, they will have to pay a very heavy price for it!

 The international leaders is repeating its mistake, there is nothing like a good Taliban and a bad Taliban!

 Those who see good people in Taliban, and those who say that Taliban has changed, their misunderstanding will be cleared soon, people in the world close their eyes to ignore the trouble, but close their eyes  Doing this does not end any trouble, doing so, some responsible countries of the worlds, America is probably forgetting, Afghanistan is not Vietnam, those who have taken power here, they have no principles, and they are not responsible for any leadership.  Do not accept Islam, these people who talk about Islam will impose their own conditions on the people of Afghanistan, who will not listen to them, these people will get scared or kill them or make their life worse than hell!

 The world itself has left this place to become a bastion of terrorism by handing over Afghanistan to terrorism!

 Today the countries of the world are looking after their own interests, and they think that Taliban can take over the power of Afghanistan, but how can they be expected from those who are of terrorist nature, that those people use their land.  Will not do it for the protection of terrorism, "Absolutely" in the coming times, the soil of Afghanistan will be used to protect terrorism, from here terrorism will flourish and cause trouble for the whole world, weapons making countries give weapons to terrorists  There is a desire to make profit by selling, but people forget, trouble is trouble, it can change anyone's time!

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