2 Best match of Cristiano Ronaldo in history ever.

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 Best matchs of Cristiano Ronaldo

After spending his entire career with Manchester United, before dropping down to Real Madrid in a long-awaited move in the summer of 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo was once again unleashed into the world.

Unfortunately, it had only been three months, before the captain of the team for the first time was put out on loan, by the billionaire owners.

After spending time at Real Madrid’s Castilla youth team, there is absolutely no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer the world has ever seen. Whether it be Portugal, his goal record, the Champions League wins, or his overall reputation, there is not an element of a football career that Ronaldo does not dominate.

Then, somewhere along the line, it is noted that the all-time goalscoring record of Lionel Messi sits at 783 goals in only 914 games. However, it seems difficult to attribute all the success of Cristiano Ronado to Lionel Meessi, especially when you reflect on the time that the two have shared together in Barcelona, over the past 16 years.

Let’s look at the key differences that Cristiano Ronado has over the time that he spent at the Camp Nou.

Both their playing careers are bounded by the same period, so it must be the goal record that most easily separates them. Since Meessi has beaten Ronaldo’s record, Cristiano Ronado will have to wait forever to beat Messi’s record.

Don’t be fooled that the gap between the two men is closing though. It may be that only nine years have passed since Messi’s records was set, but it was ever been chalked as Meessi’s record the first time the pair met, so it would be unreasonable to sit over the other man and demand they begin competing for the records.

The other striking difference between Ronado and Messi is that while they both wear Barcelona’s colours, the creativity that Messi exhibits when, in the moment, the ball lands into his feet is unlike that of Ronado.

Unlike Meessi who dictates the game when in possession, Ronaldo is a throwback, who sets up his team ahead of him. It is this style that allows Messi to carry on playing like that and plenty of other attackers would not be able to get the service they needed because Ronaldo was always controlling the attack.

According to the statistics that have been obtained, it is clear that both Messi and Ronaldo were extremely talented, but it was also apparent that Ronaldo’s natural talent had something that his rival was not quick to learn. There was no missing anything, especially with the backing of a huge wage-rotation package in the form of Manchester United.

Cristano Ronado and Lionel Messi

As we have seen, there are a whole host of comparisons between the two players, but also a large number of differences.


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