What will be the effect of Omicron variant of Corona on business, stock market, crude oil around the world!

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What will be the impact of the Omicron variant on the world economy along with the stock market and crude oil.

 Heavy selling was seen after the news of Corona's new variant Omicron virus, after the market opened on Monday, it seemed that the sell-off would stop, but fear remains in the market, after which Hong Kong global stock and oil prices continued to fall.  have been

  The effect of which was seen in other institutions, including the decline in Asia Pacific and Europe stocks, 1% fall in Dow futures and 2% decline in oil prices, in this regard.  Internationally, many countries have given information about the new variant!  and imposed restrictions on it by implementing revised rules on travel, at present, America's well-known vaccine maker Moderna has spread more frustration among people,

  Because after the warning of the CEO of this company, Stephen Bansel, the mood of many important people got spoiled, because there has been a statement by the CEO of this company that the vaccine available in the current situation is effective to face this new Kovid-19.  Not there.

 The genome sequence of the delta virus was still available to all important international medical scientists for research, but the whole genome sequencing of what this new Omicron coronavirus is like has not yet been done, but from all the information that is coming out so far.  People all over the world are worried, because with all the data that has come out about this, the International Health Organization (WHO) has also taken it seriously and has warned the world!
 After the WHO warning, South Korea's KOSPI, which has an important place in international markets, also saw a decline of 2.4% percent, this fall was 1.6% in Japan's Nikkei 225, Hong Kong's index HSI also fell 1.6%, while Shanghai  I didn't see the volume!  China got the benefit of some special positive news, it is important that there are signs of good improvement in China's factories, so that the market there has benefited, let's talk about the European index, it is down by 1%.  was open together!

  Much is still unknown about the Omicron variant, but scientists are working hard and hard to determine its severity, transmissibility, and whether the vaccine, which is currently available in many countries, will be effective.  !

  Moderna CEO Bancel said in a statement that the mutations in the Omicron version were "related", adding that the company is "moving forward as quickly as possible to execute our strategy to address this new version".  Is."

  Jerome Powell said in his statement about Covid that, "Omicron poses some major threats to the American economy".

  Meanwhile, Japan has confirmed its first case on Tuesday after receiving a patient infected with the Omicron Kovid variant.

 Fearful of Corona's Omicron, markets were trying to make a recovery on Monday, but on Tuesday it gradually started appearing back in the red, with Dow (INDU) futures down 1% and Nasdaq down 0.4%.  (COMP) futures and 0.8% in S&P 500 (SPX) futures!
  Seeing which so far it seems that the market should be more careful now.

 In the midst of all this, when Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in his talk on Tuesday, it is being taken seriously around the world,
  He went on to say that if this variant extends to this pandemic, it will increase inflation for all, increase prices, make it difficult to generate latest jobs as well as disrupt the supply chain!
 It has also been alarming for commodity traders, with oil prices continuing a series of declines after falling on Friday on fears that the new version could hurt energy demand by eating up the volume of people driving and flying.  Global benchmark, Brent crude and US bench mark West Texas Intermediate, both fell 2% to trade below $72 and $69 a barrel, respectively.
 Whatever stir has been created due to this news in the world, there is a lot of concern in the business world, because last time, when the lockdowns were imposed, normal life was very disturbed, and the economic condition of the country was also very disturbed.  Damage done, countries all over the world are monitoring this seriously!

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