7 best features of a health insurance policy.

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 What are the important features of a health insurance policy, what are the benefits of taking a health insurance policy, how much does it cost.

 Health insurance policies are available with the option to cover an individual and entire individuals in the family, they have many such features, which can save you from troubles at the time of illness in your life, some of which are mentioned below.  Today we will know!

 In times like illness and accident, we have to face many types of problems in the hospital, one of the important problems is the cost involved, now no one knows when the disease will happen or any kind of accident.  Who will be with when, but on such occasions when we need money, then we have to change the future plans we have, because sometimes the cost involved in these is too much!

 And sometimes it happens that, people have to sell their properties and they also have to suffer serious financial loss, in today's time, many types of health insurance plans have been provided by many insurance companies.

 You must take a health insurance policy for yourself by taking a good health insurance plan from any company, as many dollars as you can easily pay as premium annually.

 You must have seen how big a tragedy happened in the country at the time of coronavirus, due to which millions of dollars were spent in treatment, due to which they have been financially very troubled, there are some people who have become indebted to such expenses.  Well, private hospitals incur a lot of expenses, so health insurance policy becomes very necessary in such a subject.

 Let us know some more such features.

 1. Direct claim settlement is available in this.

 You can get hassle free direct claim settlement service under this insurance.  Settlement of claims made by you is also possible without the involvement of any third party.

 2.Benefit of cashless hospitalization facility.

 You can avail the service of cashless treatment at any of the hospitals affiliated with the insurance company.  In case of getting admitted due to any illness or injury, your medical expenses bills are almost always paid directly with the network hospital of insurance.  Cashless health insurance is a boon in recent times.

 3. Big benefits are available in low premium.

 You can get such a policy once in a year by looking at the low money premium, being sloth insurance you don't suddenly have to pay a lot of money in it, because suddenly paying any huge amount is like a financial burden  Which can disturb your future dreams, and your plans.

 4. You can take a health insurance policy at any age, there is no upper age limit.

 If you are 18 years old and above, then how can you easily get it for yourself, there is no upper age restriction in terms of age limit, then can easily buy the policy.

 5. How to get Insurance Policy Discount!

 You can find out about some of the other discounts we offer to you in this regard whenever you make up your mind to purchase the policy.  Which is helpful in reducing your premium amount in 1 year.

 6. Tax exemption- It is definitely available in this.

 Through this, along with the protection of your health, you can also save your money, or rather keep it safe, under the Income Tax Act of India, there is a provision in the rule of this section, that for coverage in this  You can avail tax exemption up to the limit prescribed therein as premium, even if you pay the amount.

 7. Know about add on cover.

 Some add on cover options are available in these policy plans to enhance the coverage – such as reduction in waiting period, care shield, OPD cover, COVID cover etc.

 Disclaimer - All necessary precautions have been taken in the above information, but still you are requested to know the true and certified information, and read all the policy rules carefully and the conditions in tax exemption.  To know, please refer to the current guidelines of the regulatory body.

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