Pop Star Kodak Black Arrested By Police News Update About This

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 Kodak Black News Update

 Officials have officially revealed that rap star Kodak Black was arrested by police in southern Florida on charges of trespassing.  He is well known for having sold over 30 million singles,

  It has also featured a number of multi-platinum and platinum-certified singles, of which 'Zaze', 'No Flockin' and 'Roll' are the most popular.  According to a well-known website, the Broward Sheriff's Office said that Black was taken into police custody early Saturday morning in Pompano Beach.  You probably know that Pompano Beach is Black's hometown.  Black, his popular name, his legal name is Bill Capri, he posted bond and was released.


 In this regard, former President Donald Trump commuted Black's three-year federal prison sentence for falsifying a submitted document used to purchase weapons at a Miami gun store.

 Last day in office in the year 2020.  At that point, Black had served half of his full sentence.  In April, Black was sentenced to probation for torturing and assaulting a teenage girl in a famous hotel room in South Carolina.  She also accepted a deal at the time to dismiss the original rape charge.  and pleaded guilty to the offense of first-degree assault.

 At present, this news is trending in the most trending charts on the Internet, apart from this, many people are saying and commenting about it on social media. Some of these reactions are also coming from Twitter.  It seems that the headlines about this are going to continue for the next few days.

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