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Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category in Grammy Doja Cat and SZA won a Grammy Awards 

Grammys 2022 was a bundle of surprise not only for the fans but also for some of the winners.  One such surprising face was Doja Cat, who won her first Grammy at the event.  He and SZA earned the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their superhit collab Kiss Me More.  The singer was actually caught off-guard as soon as she announced her victory.

  Music's most important night has arrived - The Grammys 2022 is back with a night full of fanfare and shows by the biggest names in the music industry.  But no award ceremony is complete with scintillating fashion stars who adorn it.  Doja Kat is the artist of the time and her appearance was on point as stylish as can be.  Her icy blue Atelier Versace floor-length gown made for the perfect entry to the show.  But like Doja, the Woman Hitmaker's outfit was also going to be something really extraordinary.  Her bright icy blue outfit consisted of a bodysuit with a strapless corset, over which a sheer overlay dress was in true doja-style, which she paired with statement Versace pumps.  Her beautifully eye-catching diamonds were absolutely top notch, but we have to give special mention to her studded JBL speaker purse for adding a statement touch that only Doja is capable of adding.  Her icy makeup complemented with a futuristic platinum blonde hairdo only ensured that her look was truly out of this world

  While SZA walked up to the stage in crutches, a pretty gown and heels, Lady Gaga helped her train.  At first, Doja Cat was nowhere to be found, though she swung onto the stage from behind, as SZA quipped via ET, "Girl, you went to the bathroom for five minutes, are you serious?"  Doja was shocked when she climbed the stairs and, confusedly, "What?"  Dialect.  Then jokingly added, "Listen, I've never urinated so much in my entire life," laughed the audience.

  Doja Cat needs fans to know she's giving it up.  The Se So singer announced a musical hiatus on March 24, tweeting, "It's not for me so I'm out. Take care all of you."  During his tour of South America, Doja had to cancel his show at the Asuncionico festival in Paraguay on 22 March because of the storm caused severe flooding.  After tweeting about their March 24 show in Brazil, Paraguay fans said they didn't seem to care about their country.  She said the hatred she received on social media for canceling the show over security concerns put pressure on her.  She wrote, "I don't care anymore, I left and I don't need you to believe me anymore."  She continued, "Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and I'm forever a fool that I was made for."  Later in the day, she apologized to fans in another tweet, writing, "I wish I could stop and perform for all my fans in Paraguay. Please be safe. I love you."  With the video of his single stay, he thanked him for dedicating the performance to Paraguay and making him No. 1 in the country.

  Meanwhile, Doja adjusted her outfit before giving the speech and then expressed her gratitude, "Thank you everyone, my family, my team, I wouldn't be here without you and I wouldn't be here without my fans."  also thanked her partner on the record, as she noted, "And you know what, SZA, you're everything to me. You're incredible. You're the epitome of talent, you're a songwriter, you're everything."  Huh."

  Doja Cat divided audiences at the Grammys 2022 when she nearly missed her big win due to a bathroom break.

  The 64th Annual Grammy Awards, held on Sunday, April 3, turned out to be the biggest night for the female singer.

  The 26-year-old singer and SZA won the coveted award in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category for his much-loved single Kiss Me More.

  However, when Avril Lavigne announced the winners, only the Good Days singer was seen on stage.

  Before it was too late, Doja Cat ran up to the stage and said, "I've never in my entire life moved so fast," she said, before giving the microphone to her colleague, "something to say, to give them  For "something."

  "I'm glad you made it back on time," the 32-year-old singer joked after expressing gratitude to her family and God during her award acceptance speech.

  "Thanks, everybody," said Doja Cat.  "I really appreciate it. Thanks everyone. My friends, my family, my team. I wouldn't be here without you.."

  She also lashed out at SZA, saying, "..and I wouldn't be here without my fans and you know SZA you are everything to me. You are incredible. You are the epitome of talent. Stay safe, take care

  However, Doja was overwhelmed with respect and said, "And I need you, I need you to say something, something, please give them something."  As soon as SZA took over, she thanked her "mom" as well as God and concluded, "Just thank you all," before remarking and telling Doja, "And I'm glad that  You made it back on time."

  Interestingly, the reality of the moment struck Doja when she burst into tears and said, "Hey," as she looked for the right words for the situation and admitted, "I like to s**t down  But it's a big deal, thanks everyone! Stay safe.

  Doja Cat almost missed out on her first Grammy Award as she was seen running to get to the stage after a quick toilet break.

  Doja was nominated for eight categories.  The category which won against BTS, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco and Coldplay for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

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