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  If you've found the perfect longwear lipstick or liquid lipstick in the prettiest shade, it can seem downright impossible to apply lipstick—especially if you're trying a bold shade like red or trying out a new lip color for fall.  Huh.  One side may be thicker than the other, making the lips appear one-sided, or you may line your lips too much, making them appear unnatural.

  But it is not always possible to apply lipstick like a pro.  So presenting the makeup artist and founding expert of Joy in Beauty and the All Black Everything Summit has her best tips and tricks for applying lipstick.  These Inside Secrets Will Leave You With a Perfect Pout Every Time

 Exfoliate and hydrate lips

  Never apply lipstick without proper preparation, or your lips may look uneven, flaky or patchy.  "Exfoliate your lips first and then moisturize them" with lip balm or lip primer, says the expert, who recommends letting the balm soak in for a few minutes.  These steps ensure that there are no dry spots on your lips that can flaky off, and create the perfect canvas for lipstick with all day staying power.

  Selecting the right color as required

  Coming of color on darker lips may seem impossible, but experts have a simple solution.  "For black & dark lips, start by adding a lighter foundation to mute the color of your lips," she says.  "Once the color is muted, you can apply any lipstick shade" in a much more true-to-color way.

 Trace and fill in the lips with the liner.

  Experts say that you can apply lip liner around your lips before applying lipstick, and if you apply lip liner to your lips before lipstick. Not just around the edges! You can literally use any lipstick as a "longwear"  Can convert to formula.  Lastly, you can also finish with lip liner after lipstick to clean up the edges and make the finish more precise.

  If you want a more muted lip (or don't have time to draw precise lines), you can skip the liner and "use your finger to apply color and then perfect it with concealer and a brush,  "

 Work with the shape of your lips.

  If you have thin lips, "overdraw your lips with a lip liner that comes close to matching your lip color," says the expert.  Instead of lining around your natural lip line, you'll go up a bit.  With this technique, you only want to overdraw on the cupid's bow and the entire part of your lower lip, but never overdraw the corners—you'll end up looking more like clown than chic.  Fennel says to finish with a lip color that's the same or slightly lighter than your natural lip.

  If you have fuller lips, use a "medium to dark lip liner and a lipstick that's slightly darker" than your natural color, says Expert.  You'll draw liner to match your natural lip line, rather than overdrawing.  Opt for a darker color, which can help make your lips look smaller, while a lighter color can help make them appear bigger


 Layer on the lipstick from the center to the outside.

  When applying lipstick, "keep the lipstick in the center of your lips and work outwards," explains the expert.  By focusing your lipstick on the fullest part of your lips, you'll be able to better control your application and minimize any mess.  "Sometimes I give a small smile to make sure I'm getting there," she says.

  If you're having trouble getting your lipstick to look even, try drawing an "X" on Cupid's bow with your lip liner.  This will help you achieve a well-defined cupid's bow, and also serves as a guide to ensure that neither side is one-sided.

  Use a lip brush for precise lines.

  All you really need is a sharp lip pencil and pointy lipstick for precise line.  However, some people may feel more comfortable applying lipstick with a lip brush, as it lets you apply more precisely and evenly.  "Plus, if you make a small mistake, you can have your concealer and a flat brush to clean the line," says the expert.

  Blot and set your color.

  Once your lips are completely coated and the formula has set, "blot your lips on the ends," says Expert.  Do this by gently squeezing the lips together on a tissue or napkin to remove excess product and prevent slippage.  Don't forget the corners!  Then, "use a translucent powder to set your lipstick," she says.  "It keeps your lipstick from seeping through all day."

  Special about liquid lipstick.

  Liquid lipsticks can be a bit tricky than regular lipsticks as it takes a little longer to set, but there is no need to fear!  "First, exfoliate and moisturize your lips but remove any excess moisture," says the expert.  Moisturizing is important, as many liquid lipstick formulas can be drying, but leaving on too much can cause your liquid lipstick to run or not adhere completely to your pout.

  For a beautiful lining, use a doe-foot applicator to map a guide around your lips, experts say, and then fill in the center.  Be sure to apply liquid lipstick in a thin, even coat—and don't layer too many, because no one wants flaking.

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