What happened to China's reaction when Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan?

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 What happened to China's reaction when Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan?

 Ever since the announcement of Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan in America, China has been showing a very aggressive attitude, in this regard, Xi Jinping has told America in gestures not to play with fire. But now America cannot back down from its program because it has supported Taiwan's sovereignty in a way internationally.

  China has been claiming Taiwan as its share from the beginning, has been asserting its authority over it, but America does not accept it, does not recognize it, from the very beginning, China has warned America regarding Taiwan that it will not accept it. Stay out of the case. But this is an important matter from the diplomatic point of view of America, and has also made its stand clear in a blunt reply to China,

 Nancy Pelosi has arrived in Taiwan. After reaching them, the Chinese company, which is a very large Internet service provider company in Taiwan, has completely closed its Internet service for some time. That is to say, China has taken the incident of Nancy Powell's visit to Taiwan very seriously and is trying to take strict steps regarding this.

 The world is standing on the brink of world war.

 Already Russia and Ukraine war has had a negative impact on all countries internationally, incidents of this type. Which are provocations. This kind of dogma that, due to this, disputes and wars are started, the latest case When Nancy Powell has arrived in Taiwan, China has shown a very strong protest against it.

 China may be in America, Cold War.

 After China's warning to US Representative Nancy Pelosi, it has become an important and dominating topic to visit Taiwan, after which there will be more confrontation in their relations. And it can also have some serious consequences.

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